About us


Mr. Mustafa Kabir Ahmad is the founding shareholder and director of Al-Kabir Travels & Tours Limited. Mr Ahmad was born in Bangladesh to Late Al-Haj Hafiz Irfan Ali and Late Haji Meherun Nessa. His parent’s strong religious nature encouraged him to always seek to help others through education and kindness. He graduated in 1986, obtained an LLB in 1990 and Masters in 1991 in Bangladesh. He came to the United Kingdom in 1994 with his wife and daughter and went on pilgrimage with them in 1996. He spent his entire pilgrimage helping others to ensure they had a smooth and trouble free pilgrimage. He found this very spiritual and beneficial and continuously travelled to Hajj and Umrah to gain an experience in the process. In doing so he recognised practical problems faced by pilgrims when they arrived in Makkah and Madinah. It was after a trip in 1998 he decided that he could alleviate the problems and guide pilgrims better and work with the Hajj authorities to help to make the system better. This was the philosophy upon which the travel agency is based upon, whose aims are to best please the pilgrim wishing to make the significant journey and we are specially geared towards the elderly pilgrims travelling with their adult children.. Our company has provided several different services for customers over the years, such as obtaining new passports or renewing visa services, arranging air ticket sales to destinations all over the world. Our foremost business is providing a comfortable service for our Hajj and Umrah customers, our brothers and sisters in Islam who wish to have a peaceful journey and focus on the important things such as prayer and pilgrimage. Therefore, our motto at Al-Kabir Travels & Tours Limited is ‘We do the hard work, you just pray!’ We are committed to fulfilling this statement, so our Hajj and Umrah packages arrange everything from air ticket to accommodation with reasonable prices on offer to all.