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Assalamualaykum Warahmatullah,

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Booking requirements needed;

Click Book now to reserve your place for this year's Hajj pilgrimage. Alternatively, please find Hajj Booking Form in the forms section of the website. Please fill out this form accordingly and return to Al-Kabir Travels & Tours via email or post. Please also provide the following:

  • ·       Passport photocopy (Passport must be valid for 7 months from date of travel)

    ·       Proof of address (photocopy)

    ·       4 Passport Sized Photos, with name and DOB written on reverse of each photo

    ·       An original council tax bill & tenancy agreement for those who have a European passport

    ·       A valid Meningitis ACWY vaccination certificate/proof

    ·       Birth certificate of any child to prove relation between spouses with different surname

Other requirements needed;

  • ·       Women to be accompanied by Mahram (i.e. father, brother, maternal uncle (18+)).

    ·       Documents for proof of relation between women and under 18 passengers and Mahram

Package Including

  • o   100% non-shifting package.

    o   Hajj flight ticket.

    o   Hajj Visa.

    o   Hajj Draft.

    o   Accommodation in Makkah and Madinah (minimum 10-minute walk from Haram Sharif)

    o   Full board dining, including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and 24-hour tea/coffee service

    o   An experienced team to help you perform Hajj

Please note
Inshallah, all attempts will be made to provide the same hotels in Makkah/Madina as demonstrated in the photos in the Hajj Brochure. In 2018, in Makkah, we provided Diamond Al-Ahram, Ajyad (7-8 minutes from Haram Sharif) and in 2019 Diyafat Mubarak, Misfala (4-5 minutes from Haram Sharif). In Madinah, 2018 we provided Rawda al-safa (gate no.6, distance 6-7 minutes from Haram Sharif) and in 2019 Hotel Khozama (gate no. 7, (4-5 minutes from Haram Sharif). If, without prior notice, the hotels that have been stated are not accessible, we will provide, inshallah, another hotel of the same standard.      

We would like to advise those who have an intention for Hajj 2020 to book as early as possible as late bookings may cause disappointment.

Flight Details

We request these dates for Saudi Airlines, Emirates and Royal Jordanian:

Flight 1 à16th to 19th July and Return on 12th/13th August 2020

Flight 2 à23rd to 25th July and Return on 12th/13th August 2020.

Flight 3 à25thor 26th July and Return on 8th or 9th August 2020.

Hajj Guidline

Package Information

  • Category : Economy
  • Hotel Name : Makkah - Diamond Al-Ahram Hotel, Madinah - Hotel Khozama (or equ
  • Distance : 7 minute walk from Haram Sharif
  • Day/Night : 14/20/26 nights - 4/5 sharing
  • Price : £ 5,400

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